30. April 2021 Wir nehmen am TRASH HACK teil

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Zum Start der kampagne "Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung - BNE 2030" und der Weltklimakonferenz der UNESCO in Berlin im Mai 2021 sind Schulen weltweit eingeladen, ihre Aktivitäten zur Nachhaltigkeit vorzustellen (siehe "sophieforfuture.blog")

Wir haben zwei Beiträge eingereicht:
1. Relaunch of our "Free Box"

"5 years ago, a group of students thought about the change in consumption. They found an empty cupboard and filled it with used but still usable games, electrical appliances, books and clothes. Then the Free Box fell into oblivion... and we reactivated it by thinking about Trash Hack."


1 FreeBox

 2 SDG 12


2. cleansing agent and reused old plastic bottels

“In our project we want to produce environmentally friendly cleansing agent and reuse old plastic bottles. Therefore, on the one hand, we started in our school a collection campaign for used plastic bottles (picture1). On the other hand, the students investigated how to produce their own cleansing agent (picture 2). Nowadays the students fill their own cleansing agent in the collected bottles (picture 3) and distribute the filled bottles in school, so all classes can use it for cleaning the boards.“

  • trashhack1
  • trashhack2
  • trashhack3


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